US TransLoCo
Crazy Good Transportation

Founded in 2014, US TransLoCo is a locally owned and operated trucking company seeking to hire truck drivers throughout Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky.

We are managed by an experienced and caring team with more than 70 years’ experience in the transportation industry. We are focused on making US TransLoCo the best driving job available.

At US TransLoCo, we believe in putting truck drivers and their families first.

Our Company Values

Service & Care

We operate with a focus on customer service and driver care.

Employee Support

We strive to support a working culture that values and respects our drivers and their ideas. Together, we ensure every employee is part of an exceptional work environment.

Investing in the Future

We invest in new equipment and technology to improve driver comfort and job satisfaction.

Family Time

We show our commitment to truck drivers and their families through stable pay and maximum time at home.

Join the US TransLoCo family today to start making a life, not just a living.